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Crane Bell E-Ne Revolver - Stealth Black

With the unusual rotary mechanism allowing you to place this anywhere that is convenient and a lovely tone, the Crane E-Ne Revolver bell justifies the price.

The great thing about this rotary design is that you don't have to prod a lever to make the bell ring, so you can put it anywhere on your handlebar, left or right, above or below. On our tester's round-town flat-bar bike they put it under the bar, next to their thumb, so it's really easy to actuate.

When you do actuate the bell, you get a lovely tone, creating a polite warning of your presence. The knurled rotary actuator also allows you to easily sound the bell multiple times which can be a lot more effective.

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The musicality of the Revolver's tone comes from the dome being made of brass, though that's not obvious because it's painted black. The E-Ne Revolver's price comes from its being made in Japan and being, well, generally really nice; it's a lovely thing that Just Works and feels like it'll carry on doing so indefinitely.