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Assos UMA GT Wind Jacket

The Assos UMA GT Wind Jacket is fantastic – okay it's pricey, but it ticks every box a windproof shell should: it's very light, easily packable, gives zero rustle and offers exceptional breathability even as it protects you from chill winds.

At the front is Assos' very light Foil Ultra windproof, water-repellent and ripstop woven fabric. It's DWR treated for extra protection. Meanwhile the side panels and underarms are a glossy, warp-knit, windproof textile with plenty of give, so the jacket can easily accommodate bulky layers.

The rear panel is 'stretch-net' – basically a mesh with plenty of give, which contributes hugely to the breathability so many windproof jackets lack. All of this is closed with a full-length zipper, with camlock.


There's no flapping, and the cuffs are sufficiently elasticated to keep out drafts without being restrictive or impossible to get over mitts (or lightweight gloves).

The rear drop reaches easily over packed pockets, and the elasticated hem – fully lined with silicone – stays in place without issue.

As a windproof jacket, it’s faultless. It doesn't rustle. It doesn't flap about. It moves with you on the bike.

Assos has done everything to make this as light as possible, weighing in at just 107g. This means no stuff pouch or pockets, and no two-way zip.

It scrunches up easily and is exceptionally small when packed down, small enough you could fit other things in with it.

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Overall this is a superb, almost flawless windproof that won't have you boiling inside it – it’s the most breathable windproof reviewer Emma has ever worn.