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Assos Assosoires Winter Gloves

The windproof and water-resistant Assos Assosoires Winter Gloves are perfect for most chilly UK rides, including frosty mornings. The quality and fit are excellent, they're exceptionally warm, and the touchscreen fingers work.

The Assos gloves aren't packed out with layer upon layer of insulation but they are brilliant on cold rides. They’ll keep your fingers warm in temperatures right down to freezing and that's incredible considering the lack of bulk.

On damp rides, the water-repellent fabric used on the back section keeps out road spray and drizzle without making your hands clammy when you get warm.

Impressive dexterity combined with the fact that all of the fingers (and palm) are touchscreen-compatible means that using your phone with the gloves on is no issue. In this respect, they’re very impressive.

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The cuffs are a decent length and a small amount of padding keeps them perfectly comfortable even on longer rides.

Overall, these gloves are excellent. Yes, they’re pricey but it's a case of buy well, buy once.