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Apidura Racing Long Top Tube Pack

The Apidura Racing Long Top Tube Pack squeezes two litres of flexible storage into a slim form factor with rock-solid fixings. Featuring a charging cable port and a two-way waterproof zip, it's hard to beat if you need to max out your storage for going fast, far or in between.

At 45cm, this is one of the longest top tube bags around. Our tester rides an XL frame and most of the top tube gets taken up with its quick-access goodness. A potential downside of this is hitting your knees when full, but at 4.5cm wide it's in the Goldilocks zone for storage vs knee clearance.

Apidura has reinforced the sides by lining the removable inner with a flexible, strong plastic sheet. The inner is a soft material that's stitched to the plastic, then the liner is held to the outer with Velcro. The liner is removable which is handy for cleaning.

Other internal features include a removable Velcro-and-elastic divider, which lets you separate kit while also holding the sides in when full. At the front there's a covered cable port so you can pass charging and light cables through. The bottom of the inside is slightly padded to help protect items like battery packs from repeated impact with the top tube.

The various fixings that hold the bag to your bike are rock solid. Out on the bike they do a great job, staying firmly put even when knocked by a wayward knee.

Apidura has a great reputation in the ultra-distance racing and riding community, so if you want to give your money to a company interested in keeping you riding fast, far or in between in return for some great on-bike storage, the Racing Long Top Tube Pack should be at the top of your list.