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Aeroe Spider Rear Rack

The Aeroe Spider Rear Rack is a brilliant way to carry heavy loads and is adaptable to multiple bikes over rough terrain. Rock solid and quick to fit, it easily earns its place in Recommends.

The Spider Rear Rack is a U-shaped alloy tube, held at right angles to your seatstays and fixed in place with a cunning strap mechanism. You bolt the luggage mounts to the U-shaped tubing, and off you go.

The process takes a bit of practice, but pretty quickly you work out how to fit or remove it speedily.

Once the rack's installed, there are a load of options to mix and match what you carry, using Aeroe's drybag cradles or its 11-litre Quick Mount Pod.

Aeroe Spider Attachcradle_1728x

Along with the rack you get a single Drybag Cradle, good for carrying drybags, tents, poles or wherever takes your fancy. Additional cradles cost £65 – not cheap, but you get the ability to carry a huge amount of gear, plus confidence, stability, flexibility and ease of fitting and removal.

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Reviewer Mike Stead used the Aeroe Spider Rear Rack for days through the Highlands, battering at speed over very rough tracks, with no suspension, with a full load of gear, and it didn't budge one millimetre. Once home, it was the work of maybe 30 seconds to remove the entire system.

This is an excellent piece of kit. It’s by no means cheap but if you prioritise longevity and quality of use, it's ideal.