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76Projects A.S.S. CLIP

76Projects A.S.S. CLIP attaches a top tube bag to your steerer tube and prevents it from flapping around. It's super simple to fit, weighs nothing but may require removing your stem in some cases.

The A.S.S CLIP is a 3D-printed bike bag product that offers an alternative way of attaching a top tube bag to your steerer tube. Suppose your bag doesn't have adjustable straps and doesn't line up neatly under the stem, then it could be the perfect solution.

Fitting the spacer above the stem couldn't be easier. Undo the top tap and swap out a forb. If you have the spacer below your stem, then the stem must come off - which is not difficult; just make sure you tighten everything as it should be afterwards.

2021 76Projects ASS CLIP Mac Bag-RCCR

Once that 'technical' bit is done, the rest is straightforward. Feed the straps through the CLIP, as per the instructions, and depending on whether you mounted the spacer above or below the stem, mount the clip to match. You don't have to trim the ends of the straps if you fold them tightly.

Once the CLIP is firmly attached and the strap held tight by the supplied rubber O-ring, the bag simply clips onto the grooved spacer under the stem, and that's it. Your bag is supported with no strap.

The CLIP holds the bag absolutely still even when completely stuffed and with hauling on the bars and occasionally knocking it with your knees when out of the saddle.

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Overall, the CLIP works as it should and fits most bikes as long as you have 10mm of spacers to play with.