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Giro Helios Spherical helmet

The Giro Helios Spherical helmet benefits from the trickling down of the company's MIPS Spherical technology – which was first introduced on its top-end Aether – to this less race-focused lid. The protection of the MIPS (Multi-directional Impact Protection System) comes on a comfortable lid with ample adjustability, at a slightly cheaper price.

The Spherical technology uses two separate foam liners and 'elastomeric anchors' in a ball and socket construction, with the outer one rotating around the inner in the event of a crash. These shells are designed to absorb harmful rotational forces to provide greater protection.

RCCR Giro Helios Spherical helmet


The exterior polycarbonate shell of the Helios Spherical is in-moulded, which means that it is permanently fused with the EPS foam liner for increased durability.

The Spherical technology integrates the MIPS slip-plane into the helmet shell itself, eliminating the side-effects of using a conventional MIPS plastic insert. With the Spherical lid, ventilation and sweat management has been improved, and the 'snag points' that can pull hair are non-existent.

RCCR Giro Helios Spherical helmet-3


Tightened up, this lid provides a comfortable and secure hold, with a fit that can be adjusted with ease thanks to Giro's Roc Loc 5 Air system. To spread the pressure and to cater for varying head shapes, the system stretches the full circumference of the helmet. It's controlled by a wheel at the rear, which makes a reassuring audible click on each slight twist for accurate fine-tuning.