women's cycling clothing

Georgia In Dublin Hustle and Bustle Jacket


Georgia in Dublin's Hustle and Bustle Jacket is a love or hate piece of cycling kit. If you love it, it's a truly innovative design, that looks a bit different and raises the spirits, whilst still managing to be functional and technical cycle wear. Or you'll hate it. It's a fact.

Gore Bike Wear Power 2.0 Lady Tights 3/4


The Power 2.0 Lady Tights are well made, as you'd expect from Gore, from good quality fabric and they're versatile enough for year round use.

I'm firmly of the opinion that a decent pair (or six) of three-quarter length Lycra tights are the most useful thing a female cyclist can have in her wardrobe. Get them the right weight of fabric and the right length and you can wear them all year round.

Pearl Izumi Women's Elite Gel Vent Glove


The Elite Gel Vents are Pearl Izumi's mid-high end cycling mitt, with only the P.R.O Pittards Gel Gloves coming with more bells and whistles, and a higher price tag. At this price they are competing with most of the better featured gloves in the marketplace, short of tackling the specialist, handmade and race arenas.

Giro Espada Women's Road Shoes


At this price, Giro's Espadas outstrip the majority of road shoes available designed specifically for women. Sadly though that doesn't addd up to very many shoes - because there simply aren't enough high end women's road shoes on the market but that's certainly no reflection on the quality of the Espadas themselves. However you judge them - these are good shoes.

YMX Winter Flower Long Sleeve Jersey


The Long Sleeve Jersey from YMX is a long sleeved top with a difference. First, you have its eyecatchingly unusual tattoo inspired designs, both across the torso and down the arms. It's also made from a soft silky incredibly stretchy lightweight fabric which pairs with the long sleeves and zip neck to give the top year round potential. Three simple discrete pouch pockets at the rear complete the picture.

Zoic Caprise


Lightweight length capris- check. Genuine urban capability and style- check. Checks- erm, check. The Caprise from Zoic offer a stylish alternative to the overwhelming majority of black length cycling offerings. With their houndstooth check they are a little more edgy, a bit more stylish than the norm, and therefore a little less obviously bikey, making them just the ticket for caf cruising, urban duties, touring or a bimble to the shops.

Zoca Active Women's Tech Tee


Designed to coordinate with the tights in the same range, the Active Women's Tech Tee is a stylish sleeveless alternative to standard summer jersey designs. Made from the same supple fabric as the tights, the top is stretchy and sleek, with sporty good looks. There's an integral stretch mesh bra top so you can choose whether to wear a bra underneath or not.

Terry T Glove


Terry have been designing women's kit for over 20 years, and having long been a fan of their saddles it's good to see other bits of their kit like these Terry T mitts making their way here from over the pond.

dhb Ladies Aeron Race Bib Short


It's not often that you get female specific bib shorts like dhb's Ladies Aeron Race bibs outside of custom team issue kit. Some might argue that it's not often women WANT bib shorts, but that's a bit of a chicken and egg situation, with demand answering supply and vice versa. However, there's a place for women's bibs in the same way that there is for men's- they offer superior levels of comfort, especially for long duration rides, having no waistband and they avoid any unpleasant gaps between jersey and shorts.

The North Face Women's Levada Shorts


The North Face Women's Levada Shorts £75 (Size US8- 330g)

North Face's Levada Shorts are designed mainly with mountain bikers in mind, (there's a men's version too), offering a looser fit, more casual alternative to lycra shorts. It is however, that more casual look and fit that also make these an option that recreational cyclists, urban riders, commuters, and bicycle tourers might want to consider as well.

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