Winter Project.

Now the nights are drawing in everyone needs something to do to keep them occupied through the cold wet darkness, or just to retain sanity whilst the Other Half is watching Strictly Come Dancing (Victoria Pendleton is not an excuse).

Mark Lynskey to host Q&A in London

Mark Lynskey, the man behind Lynskey Performance bikes and before that Litespeed, will be holding a Q&A session at Mosquito Bikes in London next month.

Lynskey Performance, based in Tennessee, USA, has built up a reputation as one of the world’s leading titanium bike specialists over the past few years. 

Mark will be conducting an informal interview with Mosquito Bikes customers at the Islington store on 3 July, 4-5:30pm.

Litespeed M1


Litespeed introduced the M1 a few months ago as the entry-level model in their carbon lineup. Although the M1 comes with a recommended retail price of £1,999.99 - call it two grand - Evans are selling it for £1,399.99, so that's the price at which we're reviewing it, can't see anywhere else you can buy it. Suffice to say it's not a big bargain at £1999.99.

Just in: Litespeed M1

There was a time, not so long ago, when Litespeed made only titanium bikes. The Tennessee brand still produces Ti bikes but these days carbon fibre dominates the range with this M1 the entry-level model.

Of course, entry-level bikes don't usually cost this much. The stated retail price of this bike is £1,999.99 although Evans Cycles are selling them for £1,399.99. That would be a pretty high level in some ranges. It’s all relative.

Eurobike 2011: XXX road bike porn

We're out of Eurobike in a few hours so we're on a mission to sling as many pics of 2012 bikes your way before we go. So, here we go with some more road bike filth...

Ridley are shouting loudly about what they’re calling their Fast Concept which is essentially a name for some of their existing aerodynamics technology along with a brand spanking new integrated brake.

Fast stands for Future Aero Speed Technology – which is pretty good as contrived acronyms go. The really new feature is the F-Brake.

Litespeed Archon C3


So, a carbon Litespeed… The famed titanium bike manufacturer has branched out into a brave new-ish world, the Archon carbon framesets are the result of two years of design, progression and testing. The test model here is the C3. Litespeed say that their “relentless drive for the perfect ride has finally delivered the results we had hoped for”. Taken on face, it would seem that Litespeed feel this is the perfect bike, quite a statement for a company who have built so many great bikes in titanium.

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