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Two days of stalking Ed Miliband's partner gets Daily Mail a tour of London road "insanity"

A Daily Mail story pillorying Justine Thornton, wife of Labour leader Ed Miliband, for breaking traffic laws on her bike, actually demonstrates the "insanity" of London's roads, says a leading cycling advocate.

The Mail accuses Ms Thornton of running a red light, ignoring a 'No right turn sign' and a 'No entry' sign, riding the wrong way up a one-way street and riding on the pavement.

"Action hero" Ed Miliband rushes to help stricken Camden cyclist

What is it with the London Borough of Camden, high-profile politicians, and bicycles? Three and a half years ago we reported how Mayor of London Boris Johnson had been hailed a “knight on a shining bicycle” after rushing to the aid of a woman being mugged, and now Labour leader Ed Miliband has been described as “an action hero” by a women he helped after she suffered a nasty fall from her bike.

Ed Miliband praises British Cycling for efforts on cycle safety during Manchester visit

Labour leader Ed Miliband yesterday commended British Cycling on its efforts to promote cycle safety during a visit to the National Cycling Centre in Manchester and underlined his party’s commitment to including a mandatory cycling assessment within all future transport projects, recently announced by Shadow Transport Minister Maria Eagle.

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