The quill is dead. Long live the quill.

BMC were showing off their new Streampost seatpost system, and jolly clever it is too. Thought you'd seen the last of quills and wedge bolts? Well think again, cause BMC have used this old technology to create a new seatpost that's simple to adjust and pretty much impossible to over-tighten. All you have to do is adjust the thread on the bottom bolt so that the two lines meet, then drop the seatpost in the the tube. locking and unlocking for adjustment is just a half turn of a 6mm Allen bolt next to the seat clamp. It's a brilliantly simple solution,doing away with the need for any seat clamp on the frame, and the kind of innovation you look at and think, 'why did no-one think of this before?' It works especially well with the teardrop section that BMC use (it's in production on airfoil frames) as there's no saddle alignment needed, but could also be used with a round profile - if BMC want to license the technology, that is, as they've patented it now.

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