Plus the 2011-2012 forum thread is now open for business... get mile munching!

The pumpkin's in the compost and the fireworks are safe in the biscuit tin, so it must be time to look down the big list and see who's won the monthly mile munching compo - the Metric Century Challenge.

If you haven't seen it on the forum, the MCC is a year-long competition that runs from halloween to the next halloween, and the idea is to complete as many metric centuries as possible and at least one in every month. One point for each metric century, and the rouleur with the most points wins. If you complete at least one a month you win a prize that isn't worth the pain of all those early winter morning alarm calls, and there's also prizes for the best score in a month, and the longest single ride.

So, to the gongs. It was a close run thing this year, with three mile-munchers battling it out for top spot. In the end, though, it was peter s 1944 who came out on top of the pile, notching up 84 points to edge out martincashman (81) and Blackhound (78). All three managed over 9,000km of scoring rides, and in fact Blackhound was the distance king, with 9,569km on the meter.

Blackhound also takes the monthly prize, with a frankly astonishing 19 scoring rides in June, including nine in as many days in the middle of the month. Chapeau! He's also notched up the biggest single ride at 301.7km, although Big Dave did point out that it doesn't beat his 356.8km Bath to Colchester epic, even though he didn't write it down. So he wins that one, he says.

Six riders managed to complete a century in every month of the year, and those riders are:

peter s 1944
Martin Thomas

Congratulations to all of you - you'll each receive a shiny pair or road.cc socks for your troubles. Blackhound gets some too, and winner peter s 1944 gets a lovely road.cc merino jersey like this one. Well done him. martincashman gets some socks as well, even though he didn't complete a ride in December. Because we're kind, and 81 points is a lot of points.

The 2011-2012 competition is now open! If you want to join in, all you have to do is post your totals on the forum thread. It's a gentleman's competition and you're only cheating yourself, so be honest now. 95km isn't a metric century, and nor is four hours on the turbo... Rides completed between halloween and now do count though. Good luck!

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