Defra grants offer chance to inspire others to travel more sustainably

Sustrans is looking for people take advantage of an initiative providing grants to champions of active travel.

The Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs is making cash available under the banner Inspiring Sustainable Living in order to help people travel in more active and environmentally-friendly ways, transform derelict land into refreshing green spaces and recycle more.

Sustrans will now recruit and train a group of Active Travel Champions in London. These champions will be a new team of volunteers that encourage and support people in workplaces, schools, universities and communities to walk and cycle more for their daily journeys.

Sustrans’ London Director Carl Pittam said: ‘We’re excited to be part of Olympic fever, playing a role in helping people to cycle and walk more in the run up to and during London 2012. This is a real opportunity to be an Olympic host country that champions healthier and more active ways of travelling, both to the Games and as part of everyday life.’

Announcing the grants at the Olympic Park in London, Environment Secretary Caroline Spelman said: ‘Most people have a real desire to do the right thing by making more sustainable choices that are good for our planet.

‘London 2012 is a once in a lifetime opportunity to inspire genuine change and provide a model of how living sustainably can be incorporated into whole communities as we build a green economy. These projects will contribute by making a practical difference in the community and leave a lasting green legacy.’

To find out more about becoming a Sustrans Active Travel Champion, you can contact atchampions [at] sustrans.org.uk