Cambridge cyclists celebrate council's cycle lane decision

Controversial scheme gets go-ahead, but no reduced speed limits for now

by Simon_MacMichael   June 16, 2010  

Gilbert Road Cambridge

Cyclists in Cambridge are celebrating after the County Council’s cabinet last night voted to adopt a controversial scheme that will see 1.7-metre wide cycle lanes installed along Gilbert Road and the enforcement of a 24-hour ban on parking along the cycle lanes and the neighbouring grass verges.

Adoption of the scheme follows an often heated campaign by supporters led by Cambridge Cycling Campaign and local schools, and opponents including some local residents, as previously reported on

However, for the time being, the Council has decided against introducing a proposed speed reduction on the street, although it will be keeping an eye on the situation to decide whether such a move is needed once the cycle lanes are in place.

According to the Cambridge Cycling Campaign, rejection of the lower speed limit will be met with disappointment by many of those who live on the road, almost all of whom responded to the Council’s consultation, with 55% in favour of the move.

A spokesman for Cambridge Cycling Campaign said that the organisation welcomed the introduction of the cycle lane, saying: “Gilbert Road lies on an important through-route for cyclists which will become even more important when the new developments north of Gilbert Road are built."

He continued: "More than 1,800 children attend schools close to Gilbert Road and they will now be able to cycle safely to school without breaking the law by cycling on the pavements. We have fought for this ever since the Campaign was founded and we congratulate the Council for their decision.”