Ok, so as I've mentioned over and over, I'm going to be trying to build a velomobile as a winter project. I was going to build everything from scratch as I'm on a tight budget.

Yesterday I bought a scratch card and won £500. Very handy, So I thought I'd look into buying another trike and building a body around it. Ideally I'd be doing everything British, there are only a few recumbent trikes built in the UK.

Looking at a KMX. Can anyone explain to me why, a British built product can be bought, shipped and even with custom taxes can be had cheaper from America than it can straight from the UK manufacturer?


Mostyn [400 posts] 5 years ago

The only answer to that is : RIP OFF BRITAIN as usual.

BTW, we (Brits) are our own worse enemies! We live by the MUST HAVE AT ANY COST Scenario, certainly pushes the price up of everything you can purchase in the UK.