Very excited about the race, and the prospects of Cav and Vroom. Picking fantasy teams has been a real struggle though! The way the values are calculated has (in my opinion) worked fairly well for the GC,AR,KM,PC guys, but unfortunately left very few bargains in the DS list - I'd have hoped for a lot more riders to be rated under 5 credits given the number of high-priced riders lining up. I know there's something factored in to the calculation to make sure the prices vary depending on the quality of the field, but I reckon its not worked out quite right for the Tour. Potential new players to the game may be put off by only being able to choose 2-3 of the riders they actually want!

But ho-hum, its the same for everyone - and actually its only purist that's a real problem - it might actually enhance the standard teams as we should see a lot of variation.  39

My purist team currently has no GC guys at all - can't believe that's the way to go, but have yet to come up with a viable alternative!

How's everyone else finding it?