SLF Motion launch the Hyper 1X oversized pulley wheel system for gravel and adventure riding

The Hyper 1X System claims to reduce drivetrain friction and increase durability, and is recommended for gravel, TT and mountain bikes

Are you seeking marginal gains on gravel? Neither are we, but if you ever change your mind then you'll be pleased to know that you can now buy the Hyper 1X oversized pulley wheel system from fledgling Illinois brand SLF Motion to reduce your drivetrain's friction. 

CeramicSpeed Driven, the '99% efficient' drivetrain concept

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Oversized pulley wheel systems are usually the preserve of triathletes and TT specialists where every watt counts, with CeramicSpeed emerging as the market leader in recent years with their Oversized Pulley System; however SLF Motion say their new 1x system is ideal for gravel, adventure and mtb too, as it provides longer term durability over stock derailleurs. The Hyper 1X System is made in the USA with aerospace-grade carbon cage plates, 7075 aluminium CNC machined wheels and coated hybrid ceramic bearings for long-lasting reliability and quality. 

There are also midsized versions, and you can select options for anything from a 12 speed SRAM Eagle system on a mountain bike, to a Force 11 gravel set-up or even a TT-specific 1x Shimano drivetrain. Close attention was paid to ground clearance at the design phase, and SLF Motion say their Midsize system provides the same ground clearance as long cage 12/12 units. The SRAM Eagle specific Oversize Hyper 1X System retains the same ground clearance dimensions as the stock 12/14 cage. 


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We don't have any watt-saving info to hand, but we do know that the Oversized System will cost $485 and the Midsized is $425. They're available to pre-order now, and you can also get them for 2x drivetrains for all the major groupsets. Head over to SLF Motion's website for more info. 

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