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Vitus ZX-1 Evo CRS Di2 2021

New for 2021, the Vitus ZX-1 Evo CRS Di2 is a very impressive bike. In fact, it's an absolute rocket ship! You get excellent stiffness levels, awesome handling, real-world aerodynamic benefits and a spec list that defies the price.

Vitus has focused on aerodynamics here, and this is one smooth and neat looking frame. All of the cables, hoses and wires have been hidden from view completely and the aero tube profiles, coupled with the deep-section wheels, mean that the ZX-1 Evo absolutely flies. It's not just quick, this thing is in superbike territory.

Another thing that helps is the comfort level. The ZX-1 Evo delivers all of the stiffness it needs, with no sogginess anywhere, while managing not to be harsh. Feedback levels aren't clouded by unnecessary chatter from road vibration.

The stiffness helps when climbing or sprinting. The ZX-1 Evo is a punchy bike that makes you want to get out of the saddle and give it a little dig. At a touch over 8kg it is responsive too.

The ZX-1 Evo feels balanced, direct and just so easy to control. There is quickness there, but it never gets to the point of being twitchy. This is a class bike to ride; an utter joy.

Our review bike was fitted with the majority of a Shimano Ultegra Di2 groupset, along with carbon Reynolds AR 58/62 DB wheels. This is some seriously impressive kit. At £3,999.99, the CRS Di2 isn't cheap, but it is great value for money.

The ZX-1 Evo delivers on everything: performance, excellent geometry, comfort and impressive value.