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Velocio Women's Ultralight Bib Short

Velocio's Women's Ultralight Bib Shorts are very breathable and – thanks to a comfortable pad, effective comfort-break design and totally opaque finish – they transfer well from indoor turbo sessions to long days on hot roads.

Made in Italy, these summer-weight Ultralight bibs use a new 140g/m2 stretch woven fabric for a compressive feel. The tight weave provides a pleasing squeeze that's supportive, but not restrictive.

Comfort is delivered by the excellent cut and minimal seam design, rather than the fabric itself. The texture is not as smooth as other shorts, but the slight roughness isn't so noticeable when riding.

Velocio Women's Ultralight Bib Short RCCR-3

The Ultralights stay cool without resorting to mesh sections. They are impressively breathable, and moisture evaporates very quickly. Despite being so thin and breathable there are no transparency issues.

They also offer Velocio's latest generation 'FlyFree' bib upper. The straps are 4.5cm wide and distribute pressure evenly, and easily pull down to let you pee without having to take all of your top layers off. With jerseys packed full of snacks and tools, this feature honestly makes such a difference – it's simple, effective and great for all-day outings.

Tucked inside is an Elastic Interface chamois developed for Velocio. The dual-density foam is perforated for breathability, and apparently there's an anti-vibration layer with supportive high-density perineal inserts.

The result is effective. Rides of up to four hours stayed comfortable during testing with no chafing or overheating. The leg grippers also work well, while avoiding any pinching or bulging.