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VanMoof S3

Practical, stylish, and as close to a fully integrated e-bike as we've come across. 

The thing that really set the S3 apart for us is that everything to do with security is integrated.  It makes for real confidence that your bike won't get nicked, to the extent where most of the time our reviewer didn't even bother with a lock when they left it outside their local supermarket. It has what VanMoof call a kick lock, which prevents the bike being moved and also arms the alarm. Clever stuff.

The VanMoof app is the only way to control the majority of the features on the bike, which makes it unlike the vast majority of other e-bikes where you have a control unit on the handlebars.

The user experience on the app is brilliant, though we'd suggest having an easy way of attaching your phone to the bars, such as a quarter-turn mount and phone case.

The 21kg S3 boasts a 504Wh battery which powers a 250W front hub motor. At the top setting this gives you a claimed 39 miles on a single charge. The range is a fair assessment, though if you throw some hills in the way, the range will be reduced.