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Tern Quick Haul P9

There’s lots to like about the Quick Haul, and nearly all of the compromises are sensible ones. It’s a great step up from a standard city bike if you’ve got pockets deep enough: it’s still not cheap.

The Quick Haul is Tern's answer to people who want the versatility of the HSD or GSD, with the power of a Bosch motor, but at a lower price. The new bike comes in two versions, the Quick Haul P9 and D8, which retail for £3,000 and £2,800 respectively. 

The bike can carry 150kg in total, and the Atlas Q rear rack can handle 50kg. Like the HSD, it’s bolted on to the frame, rather than being an integral part of the structure as it is on the GSD. That means you can’t give lifts to big grown-ups but there’s plenty of capacity for a child in a seat, or a bigger kid using one of the other rear-rack-mounted options.

Up front, there is a double mount point on the headtube too, which allows you to fit Tern’s Hauler or Transporteur rack up front for up to 20kg carrying capacity. So, plenty of carrying capacity for work clobber and shopping.

If you want to get the Tern versatility and the Bosch motor but at a lower price point, then this new bike is a very well considered entry model. It’s plenty versatile enough that it’ll appeal to a wide range of riders. Like the HSD it’s not necessarily a bike that you buy to replace a car initially, but once you’ve got one you’ll realise that it can take over a huge range of shorter car journeys and be easier and more fun in the process. You can get a lot of stuff on it, and it’s very easy to live with. Even without standing it on its end it takes up very little space in the shed.

If you don’t need the punch of the Performance Line motor where you live then the D8 build, with an Active Line Plus unit, will save you a further £200. For carting loads around where we're based in the hilly city of Bath, the 65Nm Performance Line motor is the minimum spec we’d want, and for us, the better motor and transmission are well worth the extra anyway.