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Tenways CGO600

Looking for a simple, high performance and low maintenance single speed bike? This is a brilliant and very affordable option.

Made in Lithuania and then distributed from Holland, Tenways might not be a brand that you've come across before but in the CGO600 they have a sleek city eBike with a smooth motor and a Gates belt drive system that we love to see.

The motor is not one that our reviewer had come across before, but they were suitably impressed. The harder you push, the more power you get. It really is a very sophisticated feeling ride. 

It's nice to ride without the power on too and the belt drive doesn't feel too different to a regular chain drive. The 16.11kg weight also helps in this regard and also if you need to carry it up steps. 

Belt drives have a claimed life of tens of thousands of miles so you shouldn't need to replace it for a very long time. It's one of the reasons that we love them on bikes like this where really, you just want to grab your bike and get to where you're going.

For the money, this is brilliant.