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Scott Addict eRide Premium

The Addict eRide Premium takes the design of Scott's flagship race bike and adds a dollop of electrical assistance, creating a bike that is just as much fun to ride uphill as it is down.

It still rides very much like a performance road bike though, and with all the cables and batteries hidden, your mates will barely notice it's an ebike. Well, until you start to pull away on the hills.

Scott has chosen Mahle's ebikemotion X35 hub-based motor system, and it delivers the power in a very smooth, progressive manner. As you pull away there is no massive surge of assistance – it's more like having a strong tailwind nudging you along.

Scott Addict e--ride Premium-5

You might think that riding an ebike will turn you into a cycling god. But while super steep hills are made a bit easier, you've still got to work hard and our tester would get home having hit the same sort of heart rate figures he normally does, so he was still getting the same sort of workout levels.

When the rides started getting longer, and the big, back-to-back days kicked off, the e-bike came into its own. This was highlighted on a fairly lumpy loop that covers around 50 miles. There is a bit of everything in it, including a hill that comes about 15 miles from home that's a bit of a pig.

Scott Addict e--ride Premium-4

The ride showed how an ebike can help you to keep your heart rate down on the hills and keep you fresh for those final climbs. If you're looking to go on longer rides with fitter friends, then the Addict eRide makes a lot of sense.