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Rapha Men’s Classic Jersey II

The Rapha Men’s Classic Jersey II is flaunting some new eco-credentials over the previous version, thanks to the inclusion of recycled polyester in the merino blend. Thankfully this hasn't affected the breathability, fit or comfort its predecessor offered.

The 64% polyester element of the Performance Merino 150 fabric (it's 36% merino wool) is from a recycled source. The fabric feels soft and breathability isn't an issue, although it’s a little weighty for a summer jersey.

Reviewer Stu Kerton felt most comfortable wearing this jersey on days below 20°C, especially if he had a harder session planned.

You can undo the full-length zip for a bit of extra airflow, and once descending or cruising along the flat, this allows the material to dry pretty quickly.


The Classic is a close-fitting road jersey, but there is room to move and breathe. The cut is tailored to your body in a riding position, offers plenty of coverage at the rear (which stays put with a silicone gripper), and the shoulders and arms fit close to prevent any flapping at speed.

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The neck is a medium height – enough to keep the breeze out on a chilly day, but not so snug that warm air can't escape. It has a soft fleece lining for comfort, and a zip garage to stop any irritation at the neck.

The Classic II is excellent and has everything covered. This is an impressively comfortable and breathable jersey, with an exceptional fit and attention to detail.