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Raleigh Stride 2 Family Cargo Bike

The Raleigh Stride 2 Family Cargo Bike is a highly practical, spacious, and powerful e-cargo bike. It’s also one of those bikes that you could commute on, allowing you to drop the kids at school on the way.

At 2.6m long this thing is the length of a small car and while that gives you a ton of carrying capacity, it does mean that you’ll need somewhere to store it.

Bosch’s top-of-the-line Performance Line CX motor sits at the heart of the bike. This is a powerful mid-motor that will provide assistance almost instantaneously. This is very important for a bike of this length that weighs 60kg. It means that when stopping and starting on hills, you only need a fraction of a second of ‘real’ effort before the motor kicks in.

With a carry capacity of 80kg you’ve got plenty of scope for carting around a few kids or a decently large adult. 

The bike is kept secure with a Dutch lock at the back of the bike which locks through the back wheel. In most cases, this lock would not be enough to prevent somebody from stealing a bike, but given the sheer size and weight of this one, if you can’t roll it, you aren’t going to be able to move it.

In addition to five assist levels, Raleigh has also included Enviolo stepless gearing which is controlled by a grip shift. Despite our tester living in a hilly part of South-East London and the bike weighing eight times what their normal bike does, there wasn’t any incline that posed a problem. This is testament to both the power of the motor and the gearing range. 

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At this price, it will certainly be a considered purchase, but given its capabilities, you're looking at a car replacement option if you want one.