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Orro Terra C GRX800

Orro has taken its highly capable gravel bike and given it a new clean look as the Terra C GRX800 with new internal cable routing. The great thing is Orro hasn't touched the fun handling and balance of comfort versus performance that made its predecessor so enjoyable.

The main point of this bike is the handling which feels really balanced and poised, Orro having just got the speed of the steering to be entertaining enough without becoming a challenge or tiring when really going for it on a loose surface.

On faster downhills you can just let the Orro go (you have the backup of the excellent GRX brakes, should the proverbial hit the fan), with the 1,031mm wheelbase giving a smooth, controllable bike through the bends, even when the tyres are scrabbling about beneath you.

Orro Terra C GRX800 RCCR 5

The biggest change for 2021 is the front-end cable routing. On the Terra C, the cables and hoses leave the confines of the handlebar tape as per usual, but instead of entering the frame at the down tube, they disappear into the head tube before starting their journey to the brakes and mechs.

Not only does this give a really smooth look to the front of the bike, it means there is zero cable rub on the frame. Also, on a bike that's likely to be used in wooded areas, there's no chance of the cables catching when the trail gets overgrown.

Orro's designers seem to know what they're doing. This bike is stiff enough for those lung burning climbs while also being comfy for the longer days in the saddle. To protect the carbon of the down tube, Orro has incorporated Innegra. It's a tough, durable lightweight fibre whose yarns can be woven with others to increase strength, while not adding a huge amount of weight in these strategic areas.

Orro Terra C GRX800 RCCR 4

The bike is capable of taking a 1X or 2X setup, has space for 42mm tyres, has rack and guard mounts, drilling for three bottle cages and comes in a selection of builds to suit different budgets. Our Shimano GRX 800 build provided buttery-smooth brakes and mechanical shifting.