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Nopinz Pro-1 Road Men's Skinsuit with Speedpockets

The Nopinz Pro-1 Road skinsuit earns a place in Recommends courtesy of its integrated number pockets for racing which work brilliantly, plus its great fit. It's very easy to endorse at this price.

Number pockets aren't a new concept – in fact, NoPinz became popular by retro-fitting their pockets to other brands' skinsuits – but they’re done extremely well here.

Sliding a set of race numbers inside is a fair bit easier than pinning them. There's no chance of the number flapping about, and you don't have to go around the car park asking strangers to do it for you.

While the clear pockets feel a little delicate, but they held up perfectly during testing.


Even putting the pockets to one side, the Pro-1 is a very good skinsuit. There's loads of stretch and that makes getting it on easy and ensures the close fit never feels restrictive.

The dense and comfortable seat pad has a very soft surface and gives brilliant cushioning when you’re resting on the nose of the saddle.

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You get a close fit, which is exactly what you want. The legs are quite long and the sleeves are easily pulled down to the elbows for an aero benefit.

Overall, this is a great option at a brilliant price.