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Neomouv Adonis 2

Neomouv's Adonis 2 trekking e-bike offers a good amount of mid-drive performance and is well-equipped. The £2,360 price tag is certainly eyecatching too.

The Adonis 2 features a powerful mid-drive – rated at 80Nm of torque – and a nicely sized 522Wh Phylion branded battery (with a 630Wh option too, though my test bike had the smaller size) that uses Samsung cells.

The Neoassist motor is quiet, powerful and efficient. Clearly, it pushes the top assisted speed to the limit – it cruised up our regular extended hill climb test without any dramas whatsoever, on all but the steepest sections the speedo showing 16.5mph, the point at which power starts to drop off.

That resulted in a record time, beating the nearest challenger by around 5 seconds and the average by some 15 seconds (and we have put a lot of e-bikes through this test).

Just as impressive as this superb hill-climbing time was the way the Neomouv Adonis 2 maintained speed at around the cut-out limit. If you have ridden a few different e-bikes you will know that the worst offenders shunt in and out of power assist quite abruptly at the max assisted speed. The Adonis 2 was one of the best performers we've tried for having very little noticeable ‘cut-out syndrome’, meaning it's not only fast but extremely pleasant to ride.

The bike’s equipped with a neat colour LCD display on the handlebars and this provided useful feedback on that excellent motor performance as it contains a watts setting to show how much power your motor is using.

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There are five nicely graded power levels and if you only use the higher levels where necessary a range of around 40 miles, even in hilly country, seems reasonable.