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Kinesis GTD v2 Frameset

Kinesis' GTD v2 makes a strong case for doing away with the old N+1 idea of how many bikes you need (as in, the number you have now plus one...). It's a frameset that feels light and responsive for those blasts in the sun, but if you want to go long, it's very comfortable. Wide tyres aren't a problem (even with mudguards), and it takes a rack too if touring is your thing. This is one versatile machine.

'Go the Distance.' That's what the GTD v2 is all about, but there’s also a lot more going on.

It's a frameset that just becomes what you ask of it. There is no real compromise. You want too smash it... bring it on. You want miles and miles of uninterrupted bliss? Just let it get on with it.

The stiffness in the frame means it feels surprisingly responsive. Darting through the busy rush hour traffic the GTD v2 behaves more like a lightweight race machine, but it’s also a proper grand tourer that’ll gobble up the miles.

Titanium is a beautiful material. Not only can you build a stiff frame, you can (if you know what you are doing) do while fully exploiting the comfort levels of this alloy. And that is exactly what Kinesis has done.

The GTD's tubing is a 3Al/2.5V blend, which is titanium alloyed with 3% aluminium and 2.5% vanadium.

The build we have here is quite a racy one, and while there is a firmness to the ride it's never harsh, even with the tyres pumped up hard.

The handling itself is on the neutral side, but with just a cheeky bit of speed to it so you can have a giggle should you want to push things a little.

The front end uses a tapered head tube for stiffness, and that kind of sets the theme for the down and seat tubes – both of them have quite a large profile.

The GTD has slender, curved seatstays which bring some flex to the rear end for cushioning when in the saddle.

Overall, this is a high quality frameset that delivers it all – comfort, performance and sweet handling – regardless of how you ride it