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Hornit AIRO balance bike

The Hornit AIRO is a sleek-looking, simple and fun to use balance bike that'll turn heads in the playground, for both children and parents alike.

Straight out of the box the AIRO's simplicity is clear; you just remove the packaging, straighten the bars, tighten the stem with the included 5mm allen key, and adjust the saddle. That's it – you're ready to roll. Or at least, your child is...

The base of the frame features grip-taped foot plates, handy for kids when they're up to speed on the flat or whizzing down a slope.

It gets textured rubber grips with beefy stoppers on the end to avoid any injury, and the stem even has a nifty neoprene cover that pads the hard edges for the inevitable clashes with teeth and chins when the pilots are testing the limits of their ability.

The weight of 2.95kg is brilliant, too, making it easy for kids to pilot, pick up and move by themselves.