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Gore Race Shakedry Jacket

Gore's SHAKEDRY™ fabric is class-leading in its ability to keep you dry from both water coming in and moisture that wants to get out. The addition of stretch panels makes for a close fit so if you want to go fast, stay dry and your budget allows, this is the jacket for you.

The Gore jacket impressed us with it's best-in-class waterproofing performance that uses the surface of the jacket as a membrane. This means that it doesn't require any treatment to keep water beading on the surface and during testing the jacket's performance didn't degrade over time.

Gore Shakedry Jacket RCCR-3

The jacket is also extremely lightweight at just 174g and is very packable, we found that it easily fitted into most jersey pockets with room to spare. However, a lot of the time you won't feel that you need to remove the jacket as it's impressively breathable and shifts a lot of moisture when working hard. 

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The SHAKEDRY comes in to its own when you've got some proper weather to contend with and when it's filthy out the jacket is easy to care for too, just wash at 40°C on a delicate cycle.

Gore Shakedry Jacket RCCR-2

As the "Race" bit of the name indicates, this is a garment designed for going fast, with a nice snug fit and minimal flapping fabric. The fit is good: long arms, generous dropped tail and high collar for maximum coverage when you're in a racing position. The waterproofing and windproofing is right up there with much heavier jackets, and it's combined with a breathability that's genuinely best in class.

If you live in the UK and you're committed to going out in all weathers and riding hard, then despite it being expensive you'll get your money's worth here. It's a brilliant jacket for fast riding and it'll do more for you over a season than a whole host of other ways you could spend the same money.