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Giro Republic R Knit Road Cycling Shoes

The Giro Republic R Knit Road Cycling Shoes are a great pair of commuter/gravel/touring shoes that, with the new knitted construction, offer better breathability over the LX R version that we reviewed a few years ago.

Giro has used its 'Xnetic Knit' which is made up of a blend of nylon and polyester fibres. The interesting thing about knitted shoes is that they allow for a diversity of construction without requiring different panels. So Giro simply adds more nylon fibres where rigidity is needed, like near the laces and towards the sole, and uses a higher proportion of polyester where rigidity is less important, like on the sides.

One thing people are often concerned about is how well shoes with a knit construction hold the foot, but we’re happy to say that the lacing system on these shoes combined with the strategically strengthened areas means there was no slippage and no hotspots. As with all lace systems, you lose the element of adjustability on-the-go that you have with Boa or even Velcro, but that's a given when you choose them.

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On the sole you’ll find four rubber walking buffers which have been designed with a curve that allows you to walk like a normal human being. That’s going to make them ideal for commuting, gravel riding and leisure road riding.