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EatMyRide nutrition app Fanatic subscription

EatMyRide is an excellent app for improving your cycling performance, in which nutrition is often the key to doing well. It’s intuitive to use and provides heaps of useful data, tips and advice – plus it comes in free as well as paid subscription forms, so you can try it without financial commitment.

EatMyRide was designed for endurance athletes and their coaches, with the aim of helping you improve performance by providing personalised nutrition advice and insights to balance your energy burn and intake rates.

At the moment, the app is only compatible with Garmin head units and watches, but you can use the app on your phone, plan your nutrition and stick it on a piece of paper taped on your top tube if you don't have a Garmin.

On the phone app, you can use your planned routes as the basis for your nutrition plan. The app supports Strava, Ride with GPS, Komoot and Trainingpeaks, or you can import your route as a file, or plan it manually on the app.

After you've chosen your route, the app will calculate your nutrition plan and tell you how much energy you need, in grams per hour. You can also define the intensity of the ride which will affect your nutrition needs.

The app prompts you to choose foods and drinks to fulfil your energy requirements from a database of thousands of products. You can then send the nutrition plan to your Garmin.

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This app will help all cyclists have a more enjoyable ride. It's like having a nutritionist giving you a plan to follow. You don't have to use the app every day; it helps you learn what you should be doing on certain types of rides, and you can then apply that knowledge even without the app.