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Dallingridge Malvern

This trekking/hybrid e-bike impressed us with its reliable performance and impressive value for money. It features six-speed Shimano gearing, a Far Eastern geared rear hub motor with a 12 magnet cadence sensor, and a neatly integrated battery, not at all bad for the £1,249 price tag.

The Malvern shares many similarities with the less sporty Dallingridge Harlow, it's sensibly equipped with a good-sized 14Ah battery and, within the boundaries of what's possible with a budget and reasonably small Chinese hub motor, it's a good performer.

We found that there was no need to fear steep inclines on the Malvern, it breezed up 20% hills and the suggested range of 35-50 miles seemed pretty accurate too. Of course, there are e-bikes that can be found for less but generally speaking, they don't have the luxury of that larger battery and have the less desirable rear rack mounted design with a front wheel hub motor, they may also be steel-framed.

Dallingridge also has UK-based support and a UK dealer network; that means that, for sportier riders, the Malvern, like the rest of the Dallingridge range to date, comes recommended for value, performance and peace of mind.