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Cube Reaction Hybrid Performance 500 (2021)

Cube’s Reaction Hybrid Performance 500 is a great value all-round electric trail bike with commuting potential.

This is billed as a 'do anything' bike, with the ability to cover moderately challenging cross country trails despite the fact it can be easily turned into a serviceable commuter or tourer with the addition of Cube's own-branded Acid fullish length mudguards, kickstand and rear rack, for which the bike has attachment points.

Reviewer Richard Peace loved riding the Reaction Hybrid and much of that had to do with the impressive performance of the Bosch mid-drive motor. We've tried Bosch's second-highest spec motor, the Performance Line, before and liked it very much, as the redesigned 2020 version turned out to be quieter, smoother, and easier to pedal when there is no motor assist compared to the previous version.

It has more complex software than the Active Line range too. This allows for more sophisticated power delivery in the form of EMTB mode. This sits just below Turbo mode when you toggle through the power level selection. Whilst it can deliver the same 340% assistance as Turbo, EMTB mode won’t always do so; it automatically varies power to match the conditions, responding to various sensors within the motor that feed back info such as wheel speed, and pedal speed.

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Other spec was bang in line with the keen price; sharp and effective hydraulic disc brakes, 9-speed Shimano Alivio gearing and general-purpose all-rounder Schwalbe Smart Sam knobbly tyres on decent quality Alex rims.