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Bike Fit 2nd Edition by Phil Burt

The Bike Fit 2nd edition is a comprehensive, well-written and fascinating guide to one of the most important and often-overlooked subjects in cycling. The book is clear and concise whilst cramming in all the necessary detail and will be just as beneficial to amateur cyclists as it is to elite racers.

In 10 chapters and over 200 pages, Burt covers the main topics and issues of bike fit in clear prose and with plenty of illustrations. Whether you're thinking about getting a bike fit, looking to fine-tune your position yourself or help out riding buddies, it'll give you a decent grounding in the way bike fitters think and work; 20 quid well spent.

The book is full of history and useful advice that you can use yourself to tune your bike fit and riding position Topics such as saddle height, handlebar position and crank length are all covered to name just a few.

Burt recognises that there's no one 'magic' position that will work for everyone and instead focuses on the three pillars of bike fit: aerodynamics, comfort and sustainability, and power, this means that the book is useful for a huge range of cyclists no matter their priorities.

If there's a bike setup solution for you, it's probably here and even if you don't execute it yourself, reading this book will arm you with very useful knowledge if you then decide to get a professional bike fit. A must-read for anyone interested in fettling their bike position to improve performance – however you define it.