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Assos Dyora RS Spring Fall Jacket

The Assos Dyora RS Spring Fall Women's Jacket is great for fast riding in chilly temperatures, and despite the hefty price tag it's a garment every British cyclist would enjoy having.

Assos says this garment is 'blurring the lines between thermal long-sleeve jersey and low-volume softshell, for serious year-round riders who demand aero protection in challenging spring/fall conditions', and we’d agree.

The jacket's front features two fabrics: Push Pull is a more breathable, lightweight layer while Rhombus offers thermal properties woven into the soft jacquard-like textile. Together these fabrics make up the double-layered 'twinDeck format', which is aimed at keeping the core warm but still allowing moisture to escape.

Assos has also placed what it calls Diffusor valves on the shoulders to help prevent overheating. These work as vents between the two fabric layers, though reviewer Suvi Loponen didn't notice an effect from them. The two-way full-front zip allows extra ventilation.

The stretchy Sonic textile sleeves have a ribbed, aero-looking construction and fit snug against the skin, providing light insulation, and finishing this jersey are raw-cut hems.

In essence, this jacket – or is it a jersey? – is a combination of a thermal jersey and a softshell, but still offers enough breathability for some more intensive ride efforts. Unlike most softshells, this one is very figure-hugging.

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The build quality and choice of materials for this jacket are exceptional. The rear's mesh-like construction offers breathability and cooling, whereas the front's bobbled shell keeps your core warm in the wind.

There's no denying that the Assos Dyora RS Spring Fall Jacket sits at the upper end of the market in terms of price, but this is the perfect mid-season/winter training jacket for a British rider.