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Apidura Backcountry Full Frame Pack

The Apidura Backcountry Full Frame Pack with its 6 litre capacity is an excellent way to carry a lot of gear. It's easy to fit and use, is made from bombproof materials, is fully waterproof and carries a lifetime warranty.

The right side of Apidura’s Backcountry Full Frame Pack has a dual-zip flap that almost completely opens the pack, allowing easy access to the whole space. The top zip has two pulls, meaning it can be opened from either end on the go to ferret about for a jacket, stuff away gloves or whatnot.

The intersection of the waterproof zips is covered by a generous zip garage, and the only way water's getting in there is if you completely immerse the bag.

Inside the pack as well as a smaller pocket for tiny things or valuables, a full-length zip accesses a 11.3cm deep flat pocket that’s plenty for a wallet, folded map, snacks or a pump.

There’s also two generous webbing strap holders on each of the downtube and toptube faces that have just enough play to hold a hydration bladder hose, giving a really tidy routing to the hose/cable port at the front.


With a hose routed along either top or downtube, you can also use the provided velcro straps to hold heavy or cylindrical items such as fuel bottles or folded tent poles.

On the outside of the pack there are a plethora of fixing points with straps that have tons of length for accommodating odd frame angles and gaps– five along the top, three on the downtube and two at the rear.

Overall, the Backcountry Full Frame Pack is a top class, expedition-worthy bag for keeping lots of kit low, dry and secure in your frame.