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All-City Gorilla Monsoon

The All-City Cycles Gorilla Monsoon Apex brings way more versatility than the majority of gravel bikes on the market, rather than being a slack angled road bike with larger tyre clearances the Monsoon is more of a dropped bar mountain bike - this is a bike that can take everything in its stride.

The Gorilla Monsoon’s frame is built using All-City’s proprietary 4130 Chromoly tubing, double-butted for the down, top and seat tubes.The ride quality of the Monsoon is great, it encapsulates all of that buttery smoothness of a well-designed steel tubeset marrying stiffness with comfort.

With huge tyre clearances and bolts for mudguards and racks, this is a machine that can do a bit of everything from a rough commute in the winter months to touring the world. Strip it back though and it’s a fun bike to ride whether that be exploring your local by-ways or tackling a bit of singletrack in your local woods.

With a 71.5° head angle and 47mm of fork offset the front end feels quick, especially on the looser surfaces, but without ever feeling like it’s on the twitchy side.

On the climbs the 34 x 42T bailout gear should see you be able to crest the hill without having to put in too much effort, and then that is where the fun begins. The Gorilla feels super planted and thanks to the massive volume of the 2.4” wide tyres you can just let it fly on the descents, mostly thanks to the low pressures you can run them at.

All the cable and hosing runs externally around the frame held in place via zip-ties and small guides which still allows it to look neat and tidy, and unlikely to snag on anything.

Great for those who want a quality steel all-rounder that can cope with tougher terrain and conditions than your average gravel bike.