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Van Nicholas Rowtag

The Van Nicholas Rowtag is a new titanium bike that's capable of fast gravel blasts and multi-day adventure rides. It isn't as quick off the line as some carbon lightweights, but if you want stability, versatility and durability, you really can't go wrong.

Van Nicholas bills the Rowtag as a 'crossover gravel racer' and it offers a stable ride whatever the terrain you're tackling. It's one of those bikes that holds its line well over pothole-strewn tracks and fast, bumpy descents, giving you loads of confidence to push the speed.

RCCR Van Nicholas Rowtag-2

Pure gravel racers might outgun it to the first turn, but if you're out for a quick blast on bridleways and forest roads you can wind it up and enjoy the ride with a superb level of comfort and control.

If you want to load the Rowtag up for an overnight – or longer – adventure, there are plenty of options for mounting racks and bags, and you get mudguard mounts for all-weather riding on the road too. All in all, it's a highly versatile bike and a lot of fun in a whole load of different scenarios.

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At the heart of things, the Rowtag's frame has a real air of class to it. For a start, the fact that it's titanium – 3Al/2.5V – means it stands out from the crowd, with a neatly engraved head tube immediately winning cool points. Other advantages of titanium are that it's strong, impact-resistant and it won't corrode (and it certainly won't delaminate) over time.

You can buy the Rowtag as a frame, go for a standard build, or use Van Nicholas' online configurator to choose the components you'd like from an extensive range.

With a stylish frame and a healthy dose of durability, this is a highly desirable bike.