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SKS Raceblade Pro XL Stealth Series Mudguard Set

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SKS Raceblade Pro XL Stealth Series

The SKS Race Blade Pro XL Stealth Series Mudguard Set has adjustability that is quick and easy to dial, and is impressively effective at keeping you dry both front and rear. They're not long enough if you ride with others, though.


With an exhaustive capability for adjustment, these mudguards work well across a range of road and cyclocross bikes – even those with disc brakes and aero forks. This versatility is what makes them a must-have.

The Pro XL Stealth Series (which is matt black instead of gloss) does a great job keeping spray and grit off your own kit and bike, but less so for anyone following.

For solo dashes, for riders who own a range of bikes that may not have integrated mudguard mounts, these clip-on mud defenders are ideal.

RCCR SKS Raceblades

Despite the temporary fitting, they're sturdy and don't rattle. That said, I did see some scuffs on the rear brake caliper on my rim brake bike and on the chain stays of my disc brake bike, so they obviously do move. I would very much suggest adding helicopter tape, not only where the guards are mounted, but where the edge of the guard can hit the frame.

Suitable for tyre widths between 25mm and 32mm, the Pro XL is 565mm long at the front and 730mm at the rear. They don't stretch lower because the guards need to remain stable even with the non-permanent mounting system.

The initial set up, with four bolts on each side, is slightly fiddly to perfect. Two bolts adjust the angle while the other two adjust the length of the struts. It works well; you just need to set time aside to do it properly when first fitting to a bike.

The SKS Raceblade Pro XL Mudguard Set is very effective for solo riding, is very easy to mount/remove, and proves sturdy enough. The extensive adjustability means it is possible to set these up on a wide variety of bikes, too – just make sure to add some protective tape first.