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Pacenti Picco 46mm Disc Clincher Wheels 700C

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Pacenti Picco 46mm Disc Clincher Wheels

The Pacenti Picco 46mm Disc Clincher wheelset offers an excellent build quality and a stunning performance, and can cope with a bit of everything. It delivers in terms of weight and aerodynamics without sacrificing stiffness or durability. These are proper all-rounders, quick on the flat, no slouch on the hills, and should you find yourself off the beaten track they'll take plenty of abuse.

Wheel rims are getting wider to accommodate larger tyres and now there’s a focus on how the tyre and rim work together. This is where Pacenti has gone with the Picco.

The 46mm-deep rounded profile rim has been optimised to work with 28mm road tyres, thanks to its 24mm internal width and the fact that it is 29.6mm at its widest external point.

Out on the road, there are some noticeable aero benefits – for wheels that aren’t massively deep these fly along. Being a touch shallower than some, the Piccos aren't affected by crosswinds or turbulent air from passing traffic.

They are impressively versatile because not only can you smash it on the flat, they behave well in the bends, allowing you to hang on to your speed as you enter a technical downhill, for instance.

Pacenti Pico RCCR-7

The build, which uses 24 Sapim CX-Ray spokes on the front and 24 D-Lights on the rear, is very tight; they feel absolutely nailed on when you really fling the bike into a tight bend, and resist heavy braking forces without fuss, especially on the front, with no flexing or twisting at the hub when you're braking hard into bends.

Pacenti offers a lifetime guarantee and hasn't felt the need to restrict rider weight.

The Pacenti hubs use TPI bearings and they have run smoothly from the outset, and that hasn't changed since the weather has become more inclement. Heavy rain, standing water and plenty of grit certainly hasn't resulted in any nasty noises or squeaks.

This really is a top-notch wheelset, where no corners have been cut.