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Orro Venturi STC SRAM Force eTap 2021

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Orro Venturi STC SRAM Force eTap

The Orro Venturi STC SRAM Force eTap 2021 road bike takes the excellent ride of the previous model and puts them into a sleeker package with the integrated front end creating some beautiful lines.

Orro didn’t rest on its laurels with the 2021 version of the Venturi STC. The new fully integrated cable and hose routing not only gives marginal aero gains but also improves aesthetics, bringing refinement to the front end.

For such a stiff frameset the Venturi offers impressive levels of comfort. You still know you are aboard a taut, high-performance machine, but there is no harshness or irritating vibration even with the tyres pumped up hard.

The smoothness of the ride means that even on long rides we didn't feel any fatigue at the usual points like wrists or lower back, which allowed us to push on at a quick pace for longer.

RCCR Orro Venturi STC Custom-7

The geometry and handling isn't as aggressive as a full-on race bike – it feels more like a very fast endurance machine with a racy edge. The stiffness from the oversize tubing and wide BB86 bottom bracket means that should you want to sprint or hit a climb hard, you won't be disappointed once you get out of the saddle.

SRAM’s Force eTap AXS groupset just works really well out on the road. The shifting is quick and crisp, the carbon cranks are super-stiff, ready for plenty of pedal mashing, and the whole setup runs very quietly. The Flattop chain continues the clean and smooth look, too.

RCCR Orro Venturi STC Custom-6

The full carbon BlkTec stem and handlebar look brilliant and they back up the looks with stiff but not harsh performance.

Fulcrum’s Airbeat 400 40mm carbon wheels were an excellent mid-depth choice and sat well with the 28mm Continental GP5000 tyres.

The 2021 Venturi has retained all of the spirit and fun of the previous model but brings with it more refinement and makes a stunning looking bike even more appealing.