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Giant TCR Advanced SL 0 Disc 2021

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Giant TCR Advanced SL 0

The Giant TCR Advanced SL 0 Disc is a lightweight and hugely responsive road bike with aero features, and its performance is absolutely stunning. Most of us are never going to spend this amount on a bike, but if you do you’re in for a treat.

Whereas the previous version of this bike was made from Toray T800 carbon fibre, this material accounts for only 30 per cent now, the remainder being a new higher modulus filament that's stiffer and lighter.

Giant has also moved from 360-380 swatches of 'cookie cut' carbon to over 500 swatches that are laser cut to size, about 150 of the smallest ones being laid up by robot rather than by hand. The greater precision involved in this method means that less material can be used, meaning a lower weight.

RCCR Giant TCR Advanced SL0-4

Along with other tech changes, this results in a claimed frameset (painted frame, painted uncut fork, integrated seatpost, seat clamp, front and rear derailleur hangers) weight of 1,265g. Our complete bike (size L), built up with a SRAM Red eTap AXS groupset and power meter weighed 6.69kg – properly light for a disc brake-equipped model.

Even though it’s so light, the TCR feels extraordinarily stiff when you jump out of the saddle and bang on those pedals. If anything, the front end is even stiffer. Chuck the bike around, brake hard, do whatever you want, you won't cause it to waver or fluster. It's more than confidence-inspiring, it's almost freaky.

RCCR Giant TCR Advanced SL0-10

Giant says that every tube shape on the TCR was analysed, engineered and tested so the new version is 34 seconds faster than the previous one over 40km (25 miles) at 200 watts of pedalling power.

If you’re able to afford it, the TCR Advanced SL 0 Disc puts in a superb all-round performance.