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Feedback Sports Pro Truing Stand

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Feedback Sports Pro Truing Stand

The Feedback Sports Pro Truing Stand effortlessly enables wheel maintenance and proves a portable, compact package. It is solidly built and accommodates almost every standard out there. It's the last wheel servicing stand you'll ever need to buy.

Feedback Sports is renowned for beautiful and beautifully-functional tools, and the Pro Truing Stand is no exception. Pretty much every aspect – from its mounting, to how it functions, adjusts and even folds for transport – has been meticulously thought through.

For mounting, you have two options: the included 2.6kg steel base for use on a table or bench, or attachment to one of Feedback's excellent workstands such as the Pro Elite.

The chromed steel base has an indentation to hold small parts (valves, nipples, spoke keys etc) and underneath is a 10 x 15cm steel plate that forms the mounting post section. This is removable and can be permanently bolted to a worktop or screwed to a wall.

The arm attaches via a toothed adjustable clamp, which also slips over the top of a Feedback stand, and the angle can be quickly adjusted to position wheels just-so.


Its party trick is the indicator assembly, which adjusts to bring its spring-loaded white plastic tip close to the rim. The fact the tip is plastic means you don't fear for rim decals.

The stand takes pretty much any diameter wheel, up to and including a 700C/29in rim with a 3in tyre, so as a workstation for tubeless tapes, valves, tyres and sealant it's a winner.

As well as wheels, it also allows you to true disc rotors.

Overall, the versatility, multiple mounting options and easy operation of the Pro Truing Stand add up to a fabulous package. This is an excellent choice for stepping up your home or pro wheel game.