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dhb Merino Long Sleeve Base Layer

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dhb Merino Long Sleeve Base Layer

dhb’s Merino Long Sleeve Base Layer is brilliant for cold winter riding—it’s very warm yet breathable. The close fit is spot on and its 100 per cent merino construction is a real luxury at this price point.

While many winter base layers feature a merino wool blend (often with cotton or polyester making up the rest), this dhb long sleeve design has a 100 per cent wool content.

Its thermal properties really impress, offering up warmth from its natural fibres but without 'blocking in' the heat. Down to just into minus figures, this base layer will keep you warm with just a single outer layer. But as well as insulating, a base layer needs to wick away moisture so that you avoid getting cold as it gets overwhelmed—this dhb merino option does so effectively.

Its cut quite slim, but there’s no restriction when riding. The sleeves are long enough and don't really pull up when leaning forward on the bars, while the rear features a slightly lengthened tail. It also doesn’t come at the cost of a too-short front either.

Up top, the neckline is generous—the cut sits comfortably, even for those with relatively wide shoulders.

It's very well made, too, with high quality stitching and seams throughout. There’s been no hint of fraying or unthreading in the couple of months tester Leon Jennings has been using it.

Overall, this dhb merino base layer performs incredibly well. Although slightly limited to being a deeper winter baselayer, that's just about its only restriction; for the price, quality and performance, it's exceptional.