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Alba Optics Delta BLK VZUM Lava glasses

Alba Optics Delta glasses feature a unique frame design that delivers on holding them securely to your face, whatever terrain you charge through. The lens has impressive clarity, and even though the price is just below that of some premium designers, you are getting the premium experience.

Delta is Alba Optics' first model and it is inspired by designs from Italy in the 80s. The frame is made from Tr90 which is a nylon/carbon fibre blend. Alba says it is 20% lighter than conventional materials, as well as promising more protection against damage in the event of a crash. This frame weighs in at 13g, while the lens

The arms are quite short, which means they are unlikely to interfere with the retention system of your helmet.

The arched shape hooks around your ears, dropping around 50mm down, and this holds the glasses in place incredibly securely.

Alba Optics Delta BLK VZUM Lava RCCR-2

The VZUM Lava lens is designed to enhance visibility on cold tones in bright conditions – there are seven other options, including a photochromatic lens. All of them protect against potentially damaging UV rays, with UV400 protection.

Overall, the Deltas are light, well priced and offer a high-performance. With such an impressive lens and frame design, these really are excellent.