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Sikh cyclist in Australia wins right not to have to wear a helmet

Avoided $100 fine in court because his faith demands he wear a turban in public

A Sikh cyclist in Australia has successfully appealed against a AUS $100 fine for riding without a helmet.

Jasdeep Atwal, 23, said that his faith demanded he always wear a turban in public - and that conflicted with the Australian legal requirement for cyclists to wear helmets.

According to, Atwal was absolved of the charges by a Queensland court, which also criticised the local traffic authorities for the decision.

“How on earth is a bike (rider) going to get a helmet over his turban?” magistrate Stuart Shearer of the local court was quoted as saying.

Atwal told the court he had only ever taken off his turban to sleep or wash his hair.

“The law indirectly discriminates against Sikhs from riding bicycles because essentially we cannot wear a helmet,” Jasdeep Atwal told he Australian media.

“It’s absolved me of all the charges, I’ve got no fines to pay and no demerit points on my license.

“This is a bit of a landmark which we will be able to use in our lobbying in the future.

Currently, Australian cyclists can only be exempt from the helmet requirement if they have medical certification.

In the UK, Sikh motorcycle riders are not required to wear a helmet, in accordance with the Motor-Cycle Crash Helmets (Religious Exemption) Act 1976 passed by the British Parliament in 1976. Section 2A "exempts any follower of the Sikh religion while he is wearing a turban" from having to wear a crash helmet.


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Noelieboy | 11 years ago

...who pays for his 24hr round the clock care when he becomes brain damaged...?

oh wait we do...!

what would the UCI say if there was a sikh pro rider???

STATO | 11 years ago

Do they not get re-runs of only fools and horses in Oz?

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