Easy on, Easy off kit for mounting all sorts of stuff on your bike

The Monkii system is a simple, modular set of bottle cages and storage bags that attach to your bike via the bottle cage bosses. You can carry any kind of drinks bottle, as well as tools or essentials. It's simple to fit and pretty versatile.

Everything fits on to the same attachment system, which is just a couple of plastic discs that you bolt into your bottle bosses. Once you've done that you can chop and change the different bits of the system, which all use a similar mounting plate.

The bottle cage holds your drink with a velcro strap, so it'll fit a wide range of receptacles - here we've lobbed a metal Biologic flask in it. To drink from the bottle (or flask) you pull the whole thing, cage and all, off the bike, have a sip then stick it back on.

So is that better than just having a normal cage? well, if you just use normal bottles in a normal frame then no. But if you're the kind to take a hot drink on a cold ride, or a bottle of wine to a picnic, it's got legs. Also there's a second design of cage that pivots to release; it's designed for frames with tight clearances where there wouldn't be room to pull a bottle free of a normal cage.

The cages are interchangeable with bags too. This one's the Mono, a solid-sided bag that'll swallow your tools, a spare tube, your phone and some food. There's also a tool roll if you like to head out fully prepared.

You don't even have to mount stuff on the bottle cages. There's a clip too, which is designed for people who don't have bottle bosses but can also be used as an extra mounting point. It's designed for the small tube diameters of steel bikes (fixed bikes commonly don't have bosses) but comes with a long bolt to go round wider tubes too.

Like the bottle cage mounts, all the different cages and bags will fit on the clip. Here's the Wedge in situ. And now we can't get the Foo Fighters out of our heads.


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