Harrington jacket to win plus a runner-up prize of a merino tee or women's merino jersey...

Merry Christmas! Hopefully you're weighed down with masses of turkey, sprouts, port and cheese right about now and only capable of lounging and flatulence. You've probably got a pile of new stuff and a bin bag of wrapping paper knocking about too. There's just one present left to unwrap, and that's the road.cc Christmas schwag of a Vulpine Harrington jacket. Rustle rustle. Let's have a look at what it says on the label...

To munded, love from the Vulpine crew!

Ooh, there's another one here too. A bit smaller, looks like it might be a long sleeve tee or a women's jersey. Hang on, let's have a look at the tag on this one...

Happy Christmas Dizzy!

Sorry we don't have presents for everyone, but there'll be more schwag along in the new year sales. And you won't have to queue.


What's Santa bringing you then? some socks, no doubt, and a satsuma at the bottom of your stocking, assuming you've been good enough to not find it full of coal. You could get some extra Christmas cheer – and winter protection – if you're lucky enough to win this schwag grab: the winner gets a very classy Vulpine Harrington Jacket worth £180!

We haven't tested the Harrington yet but we've got one on the way, and so far all the Vulpine kit we've had a go on has been very well received. Made from a waterproof cotton fabric, with neat urban-friendly features such as magnetic closures and subtle reflective piping, the Harrington is a stylish coat whether you're on or off the bike. You can have whatever size and colour you like if you win, and the same goes for the runner up who'll walk away with either a Long Sleeve Merino T or Women's Merino Jersey. Happy days.

Just comment below and you're in the hat. We'll draw the winner on, oh, how about Christmas day? there's bound to be some downtime between the turkey and the Bond film. Usual schwag grab rules apply. Good luck and happy Christmas!

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